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Our Results

The following examples detailed below are cases where Tilton & Tilton served as lead counsel or had significant responsibility for the verdict or settlement and include cases from work at prior firms. The client's portion of the total recovery may have been subject to medical liens and other third-party claims. These past results are not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other claims. Each case presents its own unique facts and legal issues.

Please note that each client's portion of total recovery may be subject to Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement claims, Medicare/Medicaid liens or other third-party claims or liens. The Tilton & Tilton results below are not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other claims.

$1,100,000 Recovered for Jones Act Seamen

Michael S. Tilton successfully settled a maritime case on behalf of a Jones Act seaman. While in the Middle East, the client fractured his elbow and arm after falling from an unsafe and unsecured ladder. The lawsuit was filed in Florida. After numerous depositions, including many of the client's treating physicians, the case settled just before trial.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $485,934.01.

$1,050,000 Partial Settlement for Industrial Worker

Houston industrial injury lawyer Mike Tilton reached a partial settlement of $1,050,000 for a client who suffered a herniated disk in a crane collapse industrial accident. The horrific incident occurred when the cab of a crawler crane sheared away from the crane's base forcefully ejecting the terrified occupant. The crane operator was lucky to survive. Because the workers' compensation carrier refused the injury claim and would not pay the plaintiff's medical bills, Mike Tilton helped his client survive during the pendency of the lawsuit. The firm's innovative approach to establishing liability and circumventing the workers' compensation bar allowed the plaintiff to recover a substantial award.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $570,446.00.

$935,000 Settlement for Accident Victim

Houston truck accident lawyer Michael S. Tilton settled a commercial truck accident case for $935,000. The clients suffered herniated discs when an 18-wheeler truck slammed into a sedan driven by the plaintiff. The suit claimed that the driver of the semi-truck caused the accident when she went straight in a "turn only" lane. Even though the police cited the plaintiff for the accident, Mr. Tilton was able to show that the defendants were at fault by tracking down several eyewitnesses who blamed the driver of the semi-truck for causing the accident.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $534,628.00.

$768,788 Jury Verdict for Injured Jones Act Seaman

Houston Jones Act Attorney Michael S. Tilton went to trial in this case in Virginia. His client, a seaman, was injured after jumping from a fishing vessel to the dock. After falling on the dock, the client was required to undergo back surgery. The trial lasted over one week. In the end, the jury awarded every dollar requested.

An appeal is pending.

$750,000 for Victim of Elevator Accident

In this case, the client was in an elevator when it dropped at a fast rate then bungeed, leaving her caught between floors for 45 minutes. The next day her neck and arm were in pain. After visiting the emergency room, she was diagnosed with whiplash and shock. Her injuries eventually required surgery. The personal injury attorneys at Tilton & Tilton settled the case for $750,000.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $429,949.57.

$700,000 for Injured Maritime Worker

A worker was injured while performing his duties on an offshore worksite. The plaintiff slipped and fell on board his ship, striking his head on the corner of a metal desk. Attorney Michael S. Tilton was proud to represent the client and settled the case for $706,000.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $361,077.52.

$675,000 Settlement for Seaman Who Suffered Back Injury

Michael S. Tilton helped this settlement for a Jones Act seaman who had a back injury that did not require surgery. The client hurt his back when he fell approximately three feet while working alone. The defendant refused to pay maintenance and cure because the client failed a post-accident drug screen. As a result of the company's failure to honor its cure obligations, Mr. Tilton worked hard to make sure the client still received proper medical care. The case settled just days before trial.

$646,000 Settlement for Truck Accident Victim

The client was driving an 18 wheeler when another 18 wheeler ran a stop sign and hit him. His 18 wheeler flipped and caught on fire. Attorney Michael S. Tilton only had to take one deposition of the defendant driver before negotiating a $646,000 settlement.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $374,211.07.

Struck by a Commercial Truck or Vehicle

Our personal injury attorneys are proud to announce another victory. Our client was driving in a car that was struck by a heavy commercial truck. As a result of the collision, the client suffered neck and back injuries. Despite a lengthy history of prior neck and back problems, we fought the commercial vehicle company and secured an outstanding settlement for the client. Before hiring our law firm, the client used another lawyer who tried to convince him to take a lower settlement. After the client refused, he turned to our experienced attorneys. We secured a settlement for the client for almost two times the offer of the previous lawyer.

"Insurance companies are well aware of the Houston personal injury lawyers that are willing to fight for cases. Make sure when choosing an attorney to hire one that is willing to take the insurance company head-on," says Houston commercial vehicle lawyer Michael Tilton.

Parking Lot Accident & Insurance Dispute

Tilton & Tilton is happy to announce a winning settlement for another client. Our client was struck by a truck backing out of a space in a parking lot. The client had just undergone back surgery six months prior to the accident and suffered a re-aggravation of the injury. The insurance company claimed that it was the client's pre-existing condition and not the accident that caused the client's pain. The insurance company also claimed that it was impossible to have suffered the injury due to the low speed of the impact. Despite the insurance company's allegations, our personal injury lawyers pushed through with the case. In the end, the case ultimately settled for over four times the medical bills in the case. We are proud to have helped this client.

Medical Treatment Assistance for Victim of Red Light Runner

Our attorneys have resolved yet another case for a happy client. The client and her young child were hit by a car that ran a red light. The client could not afford to see a doctor, so she turned to Tilton & Tilton to help her in her time of need. We immediately assisted the client in finding medical treatment. After therapy, our lawyers successfully resolved the case for over three times the client's medical bills and over five times the medical bills for her young child.

"When other drivers disregard traffic signals, it puts the public at risk. It is important to show the insurance companies that we will fight to keep our streets safe," says Houston Car Accident Attorney Michael S. Tilton.

When the Police Report Didn't Help, We Did

We are proud to announce another successful resolution in a car wreck case. The client came to Tilton & Tilton for help even though the police report did not blame the other driver for causing the wreck. After receiving a zero-offer from the insurance company, our attorneys immediately filed a lawsuit. Even after filing the lawsuit, the insurance company still low-balled the offer to settle the case. After the deposition of the defendant exposed several holes in her story, the insurance company agreed to settle the case for four times the initial offer.

"You need to hire a lawyer that is willing to go the distance for the client and not give in to the pressure of the insurance companies," says Michael S. Tilton. The Houston personal injury lawyers at Tilton & Tilton are proud to have helped another client obtain the justice she deserved.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Victim Gets 5x the Initial Offer

In this case, our client was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a car accident with a commercial truck. He suffered neck and shoulder injuries as a result of the collision. The commercial vehicle accident lawyers at Tilton & Tilton immediately moved to help arrange medical treatment for the injured client. After months of therapy, the car wreck lawyers at Tilton & Tilton LLP settled the case for over five times the initial offer from the insurance company.

Tractor-Trailer Accident

The attorneys of Tilton & Tilton LLP are proud to announce another successful settlement in a tractor-trailer accident case. Our client was hit by an 18-wheeler after the other driver negligently rolled backward into the client's car. Early attempts to resolve the case led to frustration because the trucking company offered the client no compensation, and actually blamed the client for the accident. That is when the client turned to our team. Within months of taking over the case, our lawyers were able to resolve the case. Please note that the settlement terms are confidential.

Armored Car Strikes Passenger Car

We are pleased to announce another great recovery for a client. The client was a passenger in a vehicle struck by an armored car. As a result of the accident, the client suffered a herniated disc in her neck that required medical treatment. The client initially hired another attorney on her case that received a very low settlement offer. Within a month of hiring our attorneys, we were able to secure a settlement for two and a half times the original offer. Our experienced lawyers are proud to have won such a great result for the client.

"It is important to choose your lawyer carefully. Make sure to choose an attorney that has the experience you need to achieve the best result possible" says Houston commercial accident lawyer Michael Tilton.

T-Boned College Student Gets 3x Settlement

Tilton & Tilton LLP successfully settled a case on behalf of a college student that was t-boned at an intersection. After several months of medical treatment and orthopedic care, we were able to obtain a confidential settlement for over three times the initial offer from the insurance company. Houston Accident Lawyer Michael S. Tilton is happy to have helped this client in his time of need.

Resolution for Rear-End Traffic Collision Victim

Our law firm helped to get a successful settlement on behalf of an injured driver. The client was injured in a rear-end collision and suffered neck and back pains. After turning to us, we helped the client receive adequate medical care as she suffered through her injuries. Within months of being hired, we were able to resolve the case for the client.